Triple Cabinet Crisis

YorkMUN 2019

Britain 1974: A Kingdom Disunited

May 1974, the UK teeters on a knife-edge. Riots wrack Northern Ireland and car bombs kill and maim in the Republic. Back in London, Wilson’s cabinet struggles with opposition from without and dissent from within, leading a thin minority in Parliament. At the same time the fascistic National Front are on the rise in London, the spectre of Enoch Powell’s prophesied rivers looms. A time of crisis is coming, but what shape it will take is not yet clear. Welcome to the Disunited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The country’s future, and that of its people, is in your hands.

*Please note that this committee is only open to university delegates

Josh Upton - Director

Hello! My name is Josh and I’ll be the director for YorkMun’s “A Kingdom Disunited” crisis. I’ve quite a few crises under my belt, directing and as a delegate, and I’ve been doing MUN for way too long. I love crisis because of the chaos, the deceit, and mostly because of the truly odd things that delegates get up to when no-one else is paying attention. I look forward to working with the team and meeting the delegates; I’m excited to see what kind of madness you all can bring to the table. See you all in February to see how badly we can destroy… I mean how well we can save the UK.


Matej Lovrenovic - Assistant Director

Matej is a 3rd year Politics and Economics student at the University of Surrey coming from Croatia. Since attending his first MUN conference at LSE during first year of university he has participated in over 10 conferences where he has done crisis almost exclusively. While until now he has focused on crises where he can geek out over his (mostly useless) knowledge of 19th and 20th century history, he is excited to try something new and bring the same level of expertise to YorkMUN’s crisis. He certainly hopes the delegates will share his enthusiasm both for the format and the topic, to help create a dynamic and exciting crisis.  


Cabinet 1 - HM Government

Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn - Director

Nick is a fourth year MPhys student studying Physics and Philosophy who got into MUN in high school and has continued to do it for the last 6 years. He loves debating, talking physics or philosophy and anything involving sport. This year as Cabinet Director, he’s sure will use his crisis expertise to deliver an exciting and dynamic event. As former Secretary General of YorkMUN, he is looking forward to the next edition of the conference, and is looking forward to making YorkMUN 2019 the best YorkMUN there’s ever been.


Martin Kirsch - Chair

I am Martin, a third year History and Politics student at the University of York. My first MUN conference was YorkMUN 2018, where I was first introduced to crisis, a format I have loved ever since. After attending several conferences throughout the year, the next YorkMUN will therefore mark my anniversary, and I am immensely looking forward to chair crisis at York. Apart from MUN, I enjoy running, reading about modern history, and eating good bread (I also like talking about it). However, my love for anything related to memes makes pursuing these other hobbies somewhat difficult at times. I welcome you all to the drama and shenanigans of crisis and hope you will have fun.



Cassy Jagroop

Hey Y’all, my name is Cassy I was born and bred in the greatest city on earth NYC and had a mini quarter-life crisis after I completed my undergrad studies at St. John’s University. So I hopped on a plane to England and earned my Master’s degree at the University of Nottingham. My MUN addiction began in 2009 and I am working on my 12 step programme to end this addiction (clearly I am doing a fabulous job). I have been a delegate, chair, senior secretariat, crisis and was event crazy enough to start my own conference in NYC! Outside of MUN, I love traveling; dancing (both on a night out and for performances) and I do enjoy a great night out. I’m extremely keen to be apart of YorkMUN’s crisis team this year mostly because I get to use my twisted mind for the greater good of the conference and the massive LEGENDS of a secretariat this conference has. 


Sylvia de Serdio

Hi! My name is Sylvia de Serdio van den Wall Bake, I’m a 3rd year SPS student at the University of York. With my Spanish, Dutch and Peruvian blood MUN is a perfect fit for me. Being very political, I was thrilled when I discovered GA but, being slightly psychopathic, I tend to prefer crisis. A questionable human being (take that as you’d like), I enjoy being frequently misunderstood, both by the fact that my main form of communication is sarcasm and by men who love to mansplain; I also love to compliment other girls in public bathrooms and most of all, I live to test the limits as I study exactly how late can I be to places before people stop inviting me. As an active(ish) member of the MUN community, I am really excited about welcoming all of you to YorkMUN!


Cabinet 2 - HM Opposition

Thomas Ron - Director

I am Thomas Ron and it is my honour to be one of the Cabinet Heads for YorkMUN 2019.  This is my 6th YorkMUN and it has been a pleasure watching this conference grow from the time it started.

I am a second year PhD Student at the University of York where I study Politics as well as engage in some teaching.  I have also been doing MUN for 10 years and have recently done my 50th conference.  I am excited to be back in my home city to do another one that is special to me.


Morris Chaiet - Chair

Howdy! My name is Morris Chaiet (They/Them) and I’m a third year at the neighbouring University of Leeds. My dissertation work is currently the policy efficacy regarding domestic violence and power imbalances of transgender and other gender minority relationships. (TLDR: why do people hit trans people). I grew up in a tiny town in central New Jersey and fled to the busy city of Leeds as soon as I could. I’ve got 7 years of MUN experience, (worked conferences in multiple countries) and have the complete lack of social tact to prove it. After graduation, I’m moving back to the states to study for the foreign service exam. Then I can dedicate the rest of my life trying to stop world crises before they happen on the world stage.



Ben Walker

My name is Ben

Likes: Tapas, long walks, being woke

Dislikes: The state, chocolate, writing bios


Janos Benz

János is a friendly and kind-hearted German who loves to (compulsively) organise things. Being obsessed with  international politics, he discovered his passion for MUN at the University St. Gallen where he studies Economics. Taking place just weeks before the day Brexit will become reality, YorkMUN will probably be the last chance for János to experience his former home country before anarchy breaks out. Therefore, he is very much looking forward to being part of the crisis team and would love to meet you all at YorkMUN in February.


Cabinet 1 - HM Government

Ben Bolton - Director

Ben Bolton is a Canadian born Scot who first experienced MUN during his time at York University where he studied German and Spanish. After discovering MUN he decided to leave the University and now studies Politics, History, Sociology and Psychology. Aside from academics Ben is interested in travel, walking and memes. He is looking forward to returning to YorkMUN for his third time and is excited to see how it has grown.

ben bolton

Thomas Davies - Chair

Tom is a first year PhD student at the University of York . He has been involved in MUN for two years and in his 18 month Crisis career he has started a revolution in Wales, been crowned Roman Emperor, burned down every city in Texas and has not yet died.

He is called “The New Napoleon” by nobody but will pay handsomely, anyone who starts the nickname for him.



Joanne Reed

My name is Joanne and I’m a second-year History and Politics student at the University of York. In the past year I have taken part in conferences both nationally and internationally, and am the current Welfare Officer for York United Nations Association. 

Aside from selling my soul to MUN, my hobbies include consuming unhealthy quantities of tea, pushing my overdraft to the limit with excessive stationery purchases, and persuading each and every friend to watch both Mamma Mia films. 


Paul Maudgil

Hi! I’m Paul, and I finished up a PPE degree at York last year. I’m currently studying for a Law conversion degree in London, and I’m excited to do another Crisis at the best conference in the UK! I look forward to meeting you all.