Association of Southeast Asian Nations

YorkMUN 2019

Founded in 1967, ASEAN is a Southeast Asian intergovernmental organisation comprising ten member states. Its goal is to facilitate cooperation on economic, cultural, political and security matters, as well as coordinate with other states in the Asia-Pacific region. ASEAN Summits are biannual, where heads of governments discuss the key issues affecting the organisation. Economic cooperation has steadily progressed, creating as single market by the end of 2015, but further discussions regarding such cooperation are a paramount component of the organisation.

Furthermore, ASEAN holds significant diplomatic clout, especially in their relationship with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the European Union through the Asia-Europe Meetings. As both an economic powerhouse and a leading figure in international diplomacy, ASEAN presents a fresh and exciting way to get engaged in MUN.

Chairs and topics to be announced soon.


India and ASEAN Defence and Security Cooperation Agreement

The question of indigenous peoples for ASEAN’s identity

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Ichiko Lekahena - Director

Hi there! I’m a second year master student studying an International Relations degree at the University of Warsaw. I’m an Indonesian student who’s extremely interested in global affairs and the UN itself. When I’m not attending public seminars / conferences, you might find me in places where happy hour exists. Though I have attended many MUN conferences, it is almost time for my “retireMUN”. Thus, I can’t wait to attend YorkMUN 2019 as it might be my last ever MUN!  Nevertheless I’m still really excited to be part of YorkMUN 2019 😀  

Eve Bradley - Assistant Director

Hi! I’m Eve, a third year International Relations student at the Uni of Exeter. I’ve decided this is probably my 27th conference; I forgot the accurate count a long, long time ago. If I’m not at a conference or shamelessly promoting ExMUN, you’ll find me one of three places: A) At a house party (let’s be honest I’m probably stealing your Strongbow), B) sat in front of the TV, eating the burnt food I spent hours on, or C) in a library, lamenting my choice to start my essay so late, necking tea like its water. I’m extremely keen to get to chair ASEAN at YorkMUN this year, and I’m especially excited to get to chair with Ichiko and Katharina, both of whom are absolutely amazing. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Katharina Wodenitscharow - Assistant Director

Hi delegates! My name is Katharina but you can call me Kathi! I am half Austrian and half Bulgarian and currently doing a MSc at the LSE in international health policy! I started MUN about 3 years ago and it’s been an incredible journey where I started off as a shy delegate who eventually became the President of the UEAMUN society and Sec Gen of the NorwichMUN high school conference! So whether you’re a beginner or experienced MUNer, MUN is a great way for you to meet new people, discuss current topics and challenge yourself! Outside of MUN I love traveling and I use every opportunity I get to escape the daily stress and responsibilities of a student. I also enjoy playing sports and spending some quality time with friends! I am very much looking forward to meet you all and have some exciting discussions about the challenges and opportunities ASEAN is facing!